Deprecated Screens

In this version of Aternity on-premise, a number of screens are still available for use, but they are now deprecated.


These screens are scheduled for removal in the next major on-premise release of the product.

We recommend you find the same features in other areas of Aternity, like updated configuration screens, or Aternity's Analyze dashboards, or Aternity's REST APIs, which offer powerful analytic tools to configure and monitor the performance and status.

The deprecated screens are:

  • Agent Status

  • Agent Dashboard

  • Agent History

  • Agent Connections

  • End Points

  • End Point Groups

  • End Point Attributes

  • Monitor Options Override

  • Reports

  • Performance Navigator (not available for fresh Aternity deployments).

    (Updates only) Aternity maintains the same data retention times for the Performance Navigator as you had in your legacy version. However, you can reduce the required disk space on your Oracle Database Server by shortening retention times of the Performance Navigator by running an SQL script from the Aternity Management Server in <setup_dir>\versioning\db\aternity\current\utils (learn more).

    See the sizing information for details on the impact of the hard disk requirements for the Oracle Database Server.