Integrate with Riverbed Xirrus to Troubleshoot a Device's WiFi connection

You can integrate Aternity with Riverbed Xirrus™ to investigate a Windows PC's or mobile's slow WiFi connection to Xirrus WiFi access points, or to view more about all devices connected to a single access point.

For example, if you receive reports that a network-heavy application like Skype is running slowly on a Windows PC, check the Troubleshoot Device dashboard to see if its WiFi performance. If the access point is from Xirrus, drill down to see if the slow performance is due to a slow throughput on this WiFi access point.

You can see these details when you drill down from the Troubleshoot Device dashboard, in the Signal Strength - Wi-Fi section.

See the bigger picture of WiFi connection performance

This procedure details how to integrate Aternity to Riverbed Xirrus™.


  1. Step 1 Open a browser and sign in to Aternity.
  2. Step 2 Access the Gear Icon > Integration Settings > Xirrus to configure Aternity with the address of your Riverbed Xirrus™.
    Configure Aternity to point to Riverbed Xirrus™
    Field Description

    Enter the URL of your Xirrus web user interface.

  3. Step 3 Configure Xirrus to point to Aternity by opening your Xirrus management interface with the URL <your_Xirrus_URL>/#settings/addonsolutions.

    For example, go to

    Select Add-on Solutions > Aternity, and enter the URL of your access to Aternity. Then select Save All.

    Configure Riverbed Xirrus™ to point to Aternity
  4. Step 4 From Aternity, you can view the recent WiFi performance for a Windows PC from the Troubleshoot Device dashboard, and perhaps correlate any drops in application performance with a drop in WiFi signal strength.

    In the Troubleshoot Device dashboard, see the Signal Strength - Wi-Fi section. Hover over a single measurement to drill down on details about that device at that time in Xirrus.

    View the details of the wireless network connection

    Select one of the following:

    • Xirrus - Access Point Details displays details of this WiFi access point in Xirrus XMS-Cloud like the data throughput, settings, and firmware versions. Use the buttons on the left to display the different types of detail.

      View details of this WiFi access point in Xirrus XMS-Cloud
    • Xirrus - Connected Device Details displays more details about the WiFi connection of this Windows device in Xirrus XMS-Cloud, like the number of packet retries, signal-to-noise-ratio, or data throughput.

      View WiFi details about this device in Xirrus XMS-Cloud