Delete a User

it is easy to remove a user in Aternity if required.


There is no way to restore a deleted user if you need to undo. To delete a user temporarily, for example if a user is unavailable for some time, you can disable access without removing it entirely, by deselecting Enabled.


  1. Step 1 Open a browser and sign in to Aternity.
  2. Step 2 To view the usernames and groups who have access to sign in to Aternity, select the Gear Icon > Users.

    If a user from a group in your Active Directory (AD) accesses Aternity, their details appear in this list, but you cannot edit their properties, since they are managed as part of their AD group.

    View the list of users defined in Aternity
  3. Step 3 To remove a username from Aternity, select the row's context menu on the right > Delete.

    After removing a user, they cannot sign in to Aternity. Anyone already inside can continue to work until they must sign in again (after timeout or signing out).

    To disable a user's access temporarily, the row's context menu on the right > Disable.