Integrate Aternity with SteelCentral Suite and Other Systems (Integration Settings)

You can integrate Aternity with other products in the SteelCentral Suite, and to several third party enterprise systems to enable or enhance some features.

Integrate Aternity with other enterprise systems
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Aternity APM (previously AppInternals) (learn more)

Troubleshoot a long backend time (part of a slow response time) of a user's activity, by drilling down from the activity into Aternity APM (previously AppInternals). In Aternity APM you can trace an activity's call (APM transaction) to the server as it crosses the server-side components, and follow it across the backend components. If the activity makes two calls to the same server, or to two different servers, you can drill down from this activity to trace two separate transactions.

Learn more.

Troubleshoot a slow backend time by drilling down to Aternity APM

SteelCentral AppResponse™ (learn more)

You can integrate Aternity SaaS with AppResponse to investigate user experience with Citrix appliances as well as end-to-end network performance of Citrix activity.

You can see these details when you drill down from the Troubleshoot Virtual Application Server dashboard to AppResponse.

learn more.

SteelCentral NetProfiler™ (learn more)

Troubleshoot slow network times by viewing a device's network connections and traffic in NetProfiler. See the traffic flow in this area of the network, or perhaps other subnets which may clog access to a shared network component.

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One subnet which shares a server with others can clog access to that server

SteelCentral Portal™ (learn more)

The SteelCentral Portal™ offers an end-to-end digital experience by enabling you to view data from several products in the SteelCentral Suite side by side in a single dashboard. Add the Aternity Data Source to the Portal to view Aternity's data from the past seven days alongside that of other products.

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Connect the Portal to an Aternity data source in the cloud

SSO (learn more)

Single Sign-On (SSO) brings the most secure access to Aternity by bypassing Aternity's sign in screen, and authenticating with your enterprise's chosen identity provider (IdP) just once using passwords, two-factor authentication (2FA), or even biometrics. Every time you access Aternity as an SSO user, it automatically reroutes you securely to the IdP, and then after authentication, it routes you back to your Aternity home page as a signed in user. SSO uses the secure SAML 2.0 protocol to delegate the entire authentication process to the IdP.

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Access your Aternity homepage using SSO

Email server (learn more)

Configure the connection of your Aternity on-premise to your enterprise email server, as the route to send automatic email notifications.

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Aternity sends emails via its configured email server

Your Active Directory (LDAP) service (learn more)

You can connect Aternity to your Microsoft Active Directory (AD), so that usernames defined in the AD can also be usernames to sign in to Aternity. Their usernames and passwords are managed in the AD only.

Connect the enterprise LDAP directory to use network usernames and passwords

See Connect Aternity to your Active Directory (LDAP).

SNMP Trap Manager Ticketing System (learn more)

You can integrate Aternity with your ticketing system (SNMP trap manager) to route all incident alerts or Aternity system errors (like database connectivity issues), to display them centrally on your SNMP management system, alongside alerts from other applications.

See Configure Aternity with a Ticketing System (SNMP Trap Manager).


  1. Step 1 Open a browser and sign in to Aternity.
  2. Step 2 View Aternity's integration with other enterprise systems by selecting the Gear Icon > Integration Settings.
    Integrate Aternity with other enterprise systems
    Field Description
    Aternity APM (previously AppInternals)

    See Integrate with Aternity APM (previously AppInternals) to Troubleshoot Server Times.

    SteelCentral NetProfiler™

    See Integrate with SteelCentral NetProfiler to Troubleshoot a Device's Network Connections.

    SteelCentral Portal™

    See Connect SteelCentral Portal to the Aternity Data Source.

    Riverbed Xirrus™

    Enter the URL of your access to the Xirrus dashboards.

    SAML 2.0 Settings for Single Sign On

    See Integrate Single Sign-On (SSO) Access to Aternity.