Integrate an Email Server to Aternity

Configure the connection of your Aternity on-premise to your enterprise email server, as the route to send automatic email notifications.


Three Aternity servers can send emails: Aternity Management Server, Aternity Dashboard Server and SDA Server (Service Desk Alerts). Make sure that your enterprise email server has an open port and necessary permissions to receive emails from these Aternity servers.

Aternity sends automatic email notifications in the following cases:

  • When you create a new Aternity user, where the username is an email address.

  • When Aternity automatically generates an incident for an activity, you can configure it to send an email alert.

  • When Aternity automatically generates a service desk alert (SDA) for a device which suffers the same error repeatedly, you can configure it to send an email alert.

  • When there is a problem in your Aternity deployment and Aternity automatically generates a system health events for a server which malfunctions for any reason, you can configure it to send an email alert.

  • When you subscribe to a dashboard's updates.

  • When you created scheduled reports.

Aternity sends emails via its configured email server


  1. Step 1 Open a browser and sign in to Aternity.
  2. Step 2 Select the Gear Icon > Advanced Tools > Security > Email Server.
    Configure Aternity's connection to your email server
    Field Description
    Server Name/IP Address

    Enter the hostname, IP address or DNS name of the email (SMTP) server


    Select to enable the email server.


    Enter the port to use when connecting to the server


    Select the encryption to use when Aternity connects to your email server:

    • None for an unencrypted connection to the mail server.

    • SSL for mail servers which support SSL encrypted connections (version determined by the mail server).

    • TLS for mail servers which support the TLS protocol (version determined by the mail server).
    Email From

    The email address that appears in the From field of system-generated emails, like

    Server requires authentication

    Select if the email server requires authentication (username and password) to send emails.

    User name / password

    Enter the username and password required for authentication in the email server to enable Aternity to send emails.

  3. Step 3 To test your configuration, send a test email by selecting Test Configuration.

    Enter a recipient for the test mail, and check that the user did indeed receive the test email.


    This test verifies the connection with Aternity Management Server. You should also test whether your email server gets emails from Aternity Dashboard Server and from SDA Server (Service Desk Alerts). To do this, open the command line on your server and type telnet <IP ADDRESS OF EMAIL SERVER> <PORT> and then press Enter. If a blank screen appears, it means the port is open, and the test was successful. If there are problems with permissions or anything else, you will be notified.


    To require email addresses as usernames, select the Gear Icon > Advanced Settings > security > userInEmailFormat and set it to ON. If a new user did not receive the email which contains a temporary link to the system, sign in to Aternity, select the Gear Icon > Advanced Settings > security > userInEmailFormat and set it to ON (the default is OFF).