Assign Custom Rollout Device Groups to an Activity or Application

You can assign a list of devices which monitor a managed application or just a single activity to provide better control about the amount of data that is collected by Aternity.

The system has two predefined rollout groups: Test Group and All. You define the rollout group for an application in Managed Applications, or for an activity in Manage Activity. However, this does not support custom device groups.

Edit an activity's properties

To create and assign additional device groups, you must first create the groups, then assign them in the Monitor Settings window.


  1. Step 1 Open a browser and sign in to Aternity.
  2. Step 2 Select the Gear Icon > Monitors to view the Monitors Settings screen.

    Do NOT change settings here unless you are an expert in Aternity, as it could easily ruin the data and dashboards of Aternity. Even then, only change the settings as prescribed in the official Aternity documentation.

    Configure advanced settings for managed applications in the monitors settings screen
  3. Step 3 Select an application (monitor) or activity.
  4. Step 4 Assign it to one or more custom device groups in the Group Assignment section.

    For example, if you added new activities to an application, you can test their behavior on a small test group before monitoring them across the entire organization.

    Assign the custom activity to a group of devices

    You can move items from the following lists to the Included Groups section:

    Field Description
    Select Group

    Displays all configured device groups.

    Select End Point

    Lists all hostnames reporting to the system.

    Include or exclude elements from either list to define the scope of the distribution of this activity. When you define multiple groups, Aternity distributes the union of all included groups, after removing the union of all excluded groups.

  5. Step 5 Select Publish in the top right corner of the page to commit the changes to Aternity and send them to the Agent for End User Devicess on devices in the group you chose.
    Commit changes by publishing them

    Selecting Publish releases the editing lock on this screen and allows any other Power User of Aternity to edit Aternity's monitors.


    We recommend that after you change the Monitors Settings, validate your change by running the Monitors Tester.