Configure Advanced Tools

Use the Advanced Tools screen to customize Aternity according to your requirements. Open a browser and sign in to Aternity. Select the Gear Icon > Advanced Tools to view the settings screen.

Configure Advanced Tools

To display some administration screens (which use Flex), contact Aternity Support Team to get the tool for enabling Flash screens.

Customize and configure the following settings:

Field Description
Custom Login Screen

You can customize the displayed name and logo in Aternity login screen.

See Customize the Login Screen and System Name.

Email Server

Configure the connection of your Aternity on-premise to your enterprise email server, as the route to send automatic email notifications.

See Integrate an Email Server to Aternity,

Directory Services (LDAP)

You can connect Aternity to your Microsoft Active Directory (AD), so that usernames defined in the AD can also be usernames to sign in to Aternity. Their usernames and passwords are managed in the AD only.

See Connect Aternity to your Active Directory (LDAP).