Move From Legacy Location Mapping to Site-Based

Perform the below procedure to move from legacy location mapping to the new site-based location mapping that uses site names as business locations. The names are retrieved from Active Directory and/or from the Subnet to Site CSV file.

Until you upload a new Subnet to Site file for mapping business locations using the new Site-based Location Mapping screen, the dashboards will show old legacy names of business locations.


  1. Step 1 Get the old file you used to map your devices (Subnet_to_Location_Mapping.csv).
  2. Step 2 Go to Location Mapping screen and download two files: Subnet to Site and Site to Location. Use them as your template.
  3. Step 3 Fill in the data in the files that you downloaded at step 2 using your old location files (Note that starting now the new location identifier is Site name and not location name).
    1. a Copy from your old legacy file (from step 1) the values for Location and paste them to the Site Name in the new Subnet to Site file (from step 2).
    2. b Update all geolocation values in the downloaded in step 2 Site to Location file.
      Once copied, you should have all data except for Site Name values in the new Subnet to Site file. Site Name values can be the same as Location, so you can copy values from Location to Site Name.

    Ensure that Site Name data is identical in both files: in Site to Location that uses Active Directory and in Subnet to Site that maps the subnet of the device to business location names.

  4. Step 4 Upload the edited Subnet to Site and Site to Location files into Aternity using the Location Mapping screen.

    If you used Legacy Location Mapping, you can continue working with an old configuration, unless you want to update geographical locations or move to the new site mapping.

    When Aternity reports the location as Off-site, that will be the business location name in dashboards. This is to prevent false business locations when a user is connected via the same subnet as in the organization, but he/she is out of the office at the moment. A mobile device with no location name reports as Off-site if it is on 3G or 4G/LTE, or Not Mapped if it is on WiFi.