Configure Anomalies Monitoring by Generating Incident Alerts

Aternity collects and analyzes applications' metrics and behavior and informs you about anomalies by integrating a third-party’s service of machine learning engine for anomaly detection. The algorithm tracks the managed applications and the applications that are most commonly used (both conditions should apply).

The engine uses patented machine learning algorithms to discover anomalies in time series data and turns them into valuable business insights.

Automated alerts allow you to spot problems. For example, alerts about a low usage of applications help you identify applications outages, as the outage prevents employees from using their applications, and the usage drops.

Get alerts for anomalies in application's usage
Be notified and troubleshoot the following anomalies:
  • Application Usage Decrease
  • Application Crash Increase
  • Browsers Usage Decrease
  • Browsers Crash Increase
Aternity tracks anomalies based on the following metrics that indicate applications usage and/or crashes:
  • Total usage time of the application for all users in organization
  • Total volume of all activities of the application
  • Total number of application crashes

More metrics for detecting various data anomalies will be added in future releases.

  • The algorithm learns the usage and crash patterns to establish a baseline. The algorithm will fail to detect anomalies if the usage pattern is of low quality (in case the algorithm failed to establish a repeating pattern) or if the usage in the application is not significant enough to identify significant drops in it.
  • The algorithm requires several weeks of historical data before it can start generating anomaly alerts.


  1. Step 1 Open a browser and sign in to Aternity.
  2. Step 2 Select the Gear Icon > Alerts and then select the Anomaly Detection tab.
    Enable Anomaly Detection Incidents
  3. Step 3 Enable incidents for anomalies in data across your organization by toggling the field to ON.
  4. Step 4 Enter email addresses who should receive automatic alerts for the detected anomalies.
  5. Step 5 (Optional) Select Schedule to prevent sending alerts during weekends.
    If you disable the service, then from 6 am on Saturday to 6 am on Monday (Account time zone) Aternity will not send email alerts.

    The weekend days are not configurable.

  6. Step 6 Save the configuration.

    Now you can investigate any incident in the system by using the Incidents dashboard. Incidents dashboard displays the list of live performance incidents which require immediate action (sorted by those with the highest impact), as well as anomalies such as low usage of applications or increase in application crashes.