Calculate License Units to Purchase

The License Calculator shows the number of license units you need to monitor your end user devices (reporting to Aternity) or backend servers (reporting to Aternity APM).

You can allocate license units to monitor any combination of devices, servers, or network, where each category consumes its own number of license units.

For example, you can purchase 1000 license units to monitor 1000 PCs, or you can use those same license units to monitor 700 PCs + 100 Macs + 130 mobile devices.


You can assign licenses to end user devices in Aternity's License Provisioning page (learn more).

Types of monitoring use different license units

Legacy end point licenses are now equivalent to license units. For example, 1000 SaaS end point licenses is the same as 1000 SaaS license units.


The server's section is for SaaS customers only.

Use the license unit calculator to find the total units required in your deployment

There are several ways you can use your license units:

Type Units Description
Physical devices

1 unit

This license monitors the performance of a single end user device by deploying the Agent for End User Devices locally, which reports metrics to Aternity. It can be Windows or Mac, as a laptop, desktop, or surface PC. It requires a single license unit.

Monitor physical end user devices with the Agent for End User Devices locally
Virtual desktop users (VDI)

1 unit per username

This license reports the performance inside a single end user virtual desktop (VDI) to Aternity, where the VDI desktop image contains the Agent for End User Devices. All VDI sessions for a single user require one license unit.

Embed the Agent for End User Devices in a virtual desktop image to monitor its performance
Virtual app sessions

¼ unit per session (or one unit for four sessions)

This license reports the performance of a frontline end user virtual app session to Aternity. Deploy the Agent for End User Devices on a virtual app server like Citrix XenApp. Each named user running one or more monitored sessions requires a quarter (¼) of a license unit.

(From Agent 11) To monitor virtual app sessions (not VDI), you must also add the Virtual App Servers license (five units) to connect to this server.

Monitor activities in virtual apps
Virtual app servers (from Agent 11 only)

5 units per server

(From Agent 11 only) This license reports the resource usage and latency of a Citrix XenApp server as a whole to Aternity. Deploy the Agent for End User Devices on a XenApp server, where each server requires five license units.

Monitor virtual app server resources
Mobile devices B2E / B2C

B2E: 1 unit for one device

B2C: 1 unit for 100 devices

This license reports performance of one or more monitored mobile apps to Aternity, where each iOS or Android device reports a unique device ID. One B2E device requires one license unit, but for B2C apps, one device requires one hundredth (1/100) of a unit.