Configure Alerting System in your Organization

Use Alerts and Incidents Configuration screen to enable service desk alerts and machine learning incidents.

Effective alerting is crucial for your site performance. To be reliable, you need to know that your software is up and running correctly. To fix a problem, you need to know if something goes wrong. Automated tools watching things for you.

Automated alerts allow you to spot problems. For example, alerts about a low usage of applications help you identify applications outages, as the outage prevents employees from using their applications, and the usage drops.

To learn more about service desk alerts (SDAs) and how to enable them, see Configure Device Health Monitoring by Generating Service Desk Alerts (SDA).
View and edit the rules which trigger an SDA

To learn more about machine learning engine for anomaly detection and how to enable it, see Configure Anomalies Monitoring by Generating Incident Alerts.

Enable Anomalies Detection