Configure Email Alerts for System Health Events

The System Health dashboard displays the overall topology and health of your Aternity deployment. Learn more.

When there is a problem in your Aternity deployment and Aternity automatically generates a system health events for a server which malfunctions for any reason, you can configure it to send an email alert.

Configure the connection of your Aternity on-premise to your enterprise email server, as the route to send automatic email notifications. Learn more.

Use the Settings page to customize Aternity according to your requirements (only for users with system administrator privileges).


  1. Step 1 Open a browser and sign in to Aternity.
  2. Step 2 Select the Gear Icon > Advanced Settings.
    Accessing the Advanced Settings
  3. Step 3 Browse to and expand systemEvents > alerts > enabled.
  4. Step 4 Select ON to enable Aternity sending system health alerts to your organization (or OFF not to send alerts).
  5. Step 5 Select Save in the top right corner to save the settings.

    It is possible to enable or disable different alert types altogether (see step 3 & 4) or a certain type only, for example systemEvents > alerts > statusChange > enabled.

    Browse to System Events and enable alerts to be sent to your organization

    Now, upon any change in the system health status, Aternity will send email notifications to the predefined address.

    You can also enable Email alerts for the following event types:

    Field Description

    If enabled, Aternity sends system health alerts for an overall aggregated status of the entire deployment.

    The status icon you can see on the top of the Aternity screen. The tooltip provides an information about components status and refers to the System Health dashboard for details.


    If enabled, Aternity sends Email alerts for legacy event types (for components and versions prior to v11). For example, JMS in unavailable or LDAP connection error.


    If enabled, Aternity sends Email alerts when it restarts at least three times in loop.

    • Be notified when Aternity restarts at least three times in ten minutes.
    • Be notified when the component stops the restart loop and loads properly (healthy again).
    • We do not recommend to change the default values.

    Status Change

    If enabled, Aternity sends Email alerts for every change in system health status per component.

    The possible statuses are as follows:
    • Running
    • Running with Warnings
    • Failed/Not reporting
    • Unknown/Starting
    Delay Emails on System Startup

    Aternity sends alerts for the Management Server starting/running status with no delay.

    To minimize false alerts, the Aternity waits 5 minutes after the Management Server is up and running letting all components start properly. Aternity starts checking periodically for not-reporting components only five minutes after the Management Server is up and running.

    You can change the delay time, after which Aternity will start sending alerts for the system components status or for the aggregated system status.


    Enter the email address where to send alerts.

    Make sure that your Email server has been integrated to Aternity. Learn more.


    Select ON to enable all alerts for system health events.

    If disabled, then all alerts for all system events are disabled and you cannot enable some of them separately (aggregated/errors/warnings/restart storm/status change). But if enabled, you can still disable any kind of alert (aggregated/errors/warnings/restart storm/status change) separately if necessary.