Delete a User

it is easy to remove a user in Aternity if required.


There is no way to restore a deleted user if you need to undo. To delete a user temporarily, for example if a user is unavailable for some time, you can disable access without removing it entirely, by deselecting Enabled.


  1. Step 1 Open a browser and sign in to Aternity.
  2. Step 2 To view the usernames and groups who have access to sign in to Aternity, select the Gear Icon > Users.
    View the list of users defined in Aternity
  3. Step 3 To remove a username from Aternity, select the row's context menu on the right > Delete.

    After removing a user, they cannot sign in to Aternity. Anyone already inside can continue to work until they must sign in again (after timeout or signing out).

    To disable a user's access temporarily, select the row's context menu on the right > Disable.