~Activity Configuration Settings~

Show in EP Dashboard

This parameter determines whether or not activity and/or a monitored attribute appears in the End Point Dashboard.


The system is able to save the activity and MA measurements in different ways, depending on how the data is to be used.

  • Save History: Activity and MA measurements are aggregated. The data is then averaged and saved in aggregation tables for long-term storage. Select this checkbox to save data for trending and long term aggregation.
  • Enable cross raw data queries: All MA measurements detailed data is saved for a short-term period (a few days) on the file system and can be used for short term troubleshooting, End Point Dashboard analysis, and the Incidents tab. Select this checkbox for measurements that are of interest for cross-system queries (instead of for a specific End Point). Be cautious when using this field, overusing it will lead to extensive database storage consumption and overall performance degradation.
  • Fast retrieval optimization: Used to improve console response time for Aternity users who use the console PN or Reports to investigate historical performance. The optimization improves the console response time only if all the queried monitored attributes are marked for "Fast retrieval optimization". Be cautious when using this field, overusing Fast retrieval optimization can lead to a bad user experience.

The Enable cross raw data queries and Fast retrieval optimization checkboxes must be checked for a specific MA and can not be inherited from the activity.