~Application Performance SLA Report~

This report provides information about service level compliance scores over time. The report can include multiple applications. A separate service level is calculated for each activity measured for an application (e.g., Create, Launch, Open, etc.).

The service level is expressed as a percentage, and is displayed in the report in the Compliance column. Acceptable service levels are displayed in the report in green table cells. Moderate deviations are displayed in yellow cells, and severe deviations are displayed in red cells.

Application Performance SLA Reports enable application owners to report and manage Service Level compliance scores based on predefined thresholds.


The threshold values in the report are the values defined for each activity in the Administration: Thresholds tab. If an activity does not have a defined threshold, its SLA score cannot be computed.

The reports can be shared with the line of business or customers to present SLA scores for the last month or quarter.

Required Parameters Default Description/Notes


Check checkboxes of applications to be included in the report. To select all applications, click All.

Date Range

Current week

Yellow Indication


Percentage below which the service level is moderately deviating.

Red Indication


Percentage below which the service level is severely deviating.