~Application Scorecard Report~

This is a multi-page report that provides a detailed performance summary of a specific application. Report data compares performance across sites and performance vs. activity levels. Problematic sites and activities can thus be easily identified.

The report includes:

  • Problems detected over time
  • Response time, End User productivity, and application wait time, according to location and activity
  • Breakdown of activities according to server
  • Application daily statistics, including detailed performance results for the top:
    • Locations with the highest volume and worst performance
    • Activities with the highest volume and worst performance

Timeframe and locations included in the report are configurable, but performance parameters that are analyzed cannot be modified.

Required Parameters Default Description/Notes


Select from the drop-down list.


Check checkboxes of locations to be included in the report. To select all locations, click All.

Date Range

Previous week

# Locations by Response


Locations with the worst performance.

# Activities by Response


Activities with the worst performance.

# Locations by Volume


Locations with the highest volume.

# Activities by Volume


Activities with the highest volume.