~Group Assignment~

For each monitor that is created there is a need to assign a list of agents that will use this monitor. Assigning a monitor to a specific list of agents instead of the whole organization can provide better control about the amount of data that is collected by Aternity FPI, and in cases where there is no need to monitor all End Points, save precious resources.

Group assignments can be configured at the monitor level and inherited at the activity level, or defined at the activity level regardless of the monitor level configuration.

The user specifies the groups and End Points that are monitored, by moving entities from the following lists to the Included frame:

  • Select Group: Lists all configured End Point groups defined in the End Point Group Configuration sub-tab of the End Points tab
  • Select End Point: Lists all End Points in the system (according to hostname)

Selections from both lists can be included in or excluded from the Group Assignments List. When multiple groups are defined in both included and excluded lists, the agents that are assigned are the union of all included groups, after removing the union of all excluded groups.

The search tool is used to filter long Select Group and Select End Point lists. Wildcards may be used.