~Monitoring Summary Report~

Report Targets

The Monitoring Summary report looks at the count and volume of the system’s monitors.

There are two main sections in this report:

Section One – Provides a count of all configured monitors or devices. The count is based on the activity response measurement.

Section Two – Provides the volume (number of measurements) for the monitors during a selected date range.

Main Characteristics

Aggregation Level Report Format Scheduling Option




Required Parameters Notes/Description

Date range


  • The user selects the date range from drop-down options

Report Structure

The Monitor Count Summary table above shows a count of all available applications, activity monitors, activities, device monitors and device monitored attributes.

  • Activity Monitors: Client/Server, HTTP, HTML or Java monitors that measure activity response.
  • Activities: Specific activities with customized or out of the box signatures.
  • Device Monitors: Monitors that are reported constantly regardless of activities performed by a user.
  • Device Monitored Attributes: Attributes configured for the device monitors.

The Monitor Count Details table shows a breakdown of the Monitor Count Summary table per application.

The Monitor Volume Summary table shows a summary of the volume of the monitors.

  • Reporting Activities: – The number of client/server,HTTP, HTML and Java activities with reported measurements during the selected timeframe.
  • Activity Volume: – The total number of measurements for the reporting activities.
  • Reporting Device Monitored Attributes: – Monitors that are constantly reported regardless of activities performed by a user.
  • Device Monitored Attribute Volume: – The number of events for each device monitor.

Table 4 – Shows a breakdown of Table 3 per application.