~Navigator Overview~

The Navigator is the primary tool for navigation through performance information collected by the Aternity Platform. Any performance parameter monitored or measured by the Aternity system can be viewed in multiple ways and compared through different categories. Drill up and down capabilities help provide insight into key performance indicators and how they compare with baseline behavior.

The Navigator can simultaneously display any number of selected metrics, regardless of whether they are involved in a performance incident. It generates performance data based on any user-selected criteria, and displays performance results in a variety of chart forms.

Performance Navigator

The tool is used to provide:

  • An overview of the performance of any specific application or activity.
  • Comparisons of the performance of applications or activities through different comparison categories.
  • A means of drilling down into data to thoroughly analyze metrics that are in the context of an incident.
  • A means of providing insight into hardware deployment and how it affects application performance. For example, End Points displaying poor performance for a specific application can be grouped according to CPU speed and memory size.

Navigator Structure and Functionality

The Navigator screen is divided into the following portions:

  • The collapsible Filters frame (upper portion) enables you to select the performance metrics to be displayed.
  • The Data Display frame (lower portion) is the viewing area in which the selected performance criteria are displayed. Generally, performance metrics can be displayed in both grid and chart form.

The Data Display toolbar provides the following functionalities:

Icon Name of Function Description/Notes


Produces a chart or grid that shows performance data of selected parameters.


Aggregation Level drop-down list

Enables selection of a specific granularity level.


Resets the system to use the default aggregation level for a selected timeframe.

Save to Repository

Saves the current filter to the Repository.

Export to Excel

Saves the data in a selected chart as an Excel spreadsheet.


Auto Generate

Automatically regenerates the view every 5 minutes.

This option is available only when aggregation is used, and when the timeframe is Last Hour, Last Two Hours, or Today.

Chart View

Displays selected performance information in various chart forms.

Grid View

Displays selected performance information in table form.

Pivot View

Displays selected performance information in a pivot summary form.

Navigator Views

The Navigator provides the following main views:

  • Troubleshoot: Provides a customized view of performance during a specific timeframe.
  • Analyze: Enables users to define customized filters to view and compare any performance metric measured by Aternity.
  • Repository: Displays a list of previously saved filters, and allows users to regenerate performance charts based on a selected filter.
  • Options: Enables you to change default row limits and raw data query parameters, and enable/disable warning messages.