~Performance Navigator Repository~

The Repository stores sets of filters that have been previously defined, for future use. When there are stored filters in the Repository, users are able to select a filter set with one click, eliminating the usual multiple step filter selection process.

When a Repository filter is selected, its previously saved parameters are imported into the Analyze tab. If desired, a chart based on these parameters can be regenerated. A Repository filter can be viewed according to the following timeframes:

  • Relative: Data is generated according to the original timeframe, adjusted to the current date and time. For example, if the original timeframe was Today, data collected since midnight of the current date is generated.
  • As Saved: Data is generated according to the original timeframe only. The performance results displayed are the same ones that were generated when the filter was created.
  • Use Current: The original timeframe is disregarded. Data is generated according to whatever timeframe is currently selected.

By default, a filter saved to the Repository can be viewed only by the user who created it. Thus, each user generally has access to a unique set of filters. If a filter is made public (either upon creation or afterwards), all users are able to view it.

Common uses of the Repository include:

  • Saving filters that are used most often.

  • Saving a relevant use case example.

  • Sharing specific sets of filters within the organization.