~Performance Queries: Designating Filters~

After the Selected Categories List is created, filters are applied to narrow and customize the results of the performance query. You can select filters according to the following categories:

  • End Point Group: Enables you to select filters from a list of defined End Point groups.
  • Attribute: Enables you to select categories of attributes. All of the attributes of the selected category are then displayed, and the relevant ones can be added to the Filter List. The search tool allows you to filter long lists of attributes according to the ones required for the performance query.

The Filter List can include any combination of End Points groups and attributes.

Selecting Platform Type

This drop-down list enables you to filter queries according to type of End Point:

  • All: Includes servers, sessions, and all desktops (with or without Agents). This is the default setting.
  • Desktop: Includes only End Points with Aternity Agents installed. Only desktops that are connecting directly to the application are included.
  • Virtual: Includes only End Points connecting through a CitrixXenApp (ICA) or Terminal Services (RDP) server. Data collected on virtual desktops includes IP address and user name only.

Selecting End Point Groups

When filtering By End Point Group[s], only those End Point Groups based off of values within All Attributes on the Comparison Categories tab will be selectable.

The following is a list of All Attributes:

Active Subnet

HW Model

Mobile Device ID

VM CPU Limit

CPU Speed

Host Cluster

Network in Use

VM CPU Reservation

Company Name


OS Service Pack

VM CPU Shares

Computer Domain

Hypervisor Name


VM Memory Limit


In call

Operating System

VM Memory Reservation


Is roaming

Processor Type

VM Memory Shares




VM Resource Pool


Logical CPUs


Device Type


User Domain

HW Manufacturer

Mobile Carrier

User Name