~Process Memory Analysis Report~

This report type provides information about hosts with high memory usage for critical processes. The report lists values for average memory use, maximum memory use, and number of high memory minutes for each returned process (a high minute is a minute in which average memory usage is above a predefined number of MB). The report also includes a bar chart showing average memory usage and maximum memory usage for each process.


To generate a Process Memory Analysis report, it is necessary to have a Process Resource monitor or a Plug-in for process resources that measures physical memory. When the system monitors the CPU usage and other device resources of a Windows process (PRC), by default it checks this data hourly. If you want to change this setting as a Power User of Aternity, select the Gear Icon > Settings > Advanced Settings > agent > configuration > overrideConfigurationParam > Process resources > PrcFrequency > value and set the new value in milliseconds.

Required Parameters Default Value Description

Date Range

Current week

Timeframe for the report

High Memory Threshold


The number of MB at which CPU usage is considered high.

Max Hosts


The number of hosts to be displayed in the report.