~Publishing or Reverting Monitor Configuration~

Configuration changes in the Monitors screens need to be reviewed carefully - this is needed to avoid accidental updates that could create erroneous changes and/or impact Agent behavior. Therefore, after making desired changes to the individual application and device monitors, the Aternity FPI Administrator must confirm to permanently save the staged changes and deploy them to the Agents.

The first time Apply is clicked in any of the Monitors screens, the screen is locked for editing by that user. No other Administrators will be able to make monitor configuration changes. By clicking the Apply button, the recent monitors changes made by the Administrator are staged in a temporary area. As the Administrator makes further changes, each proceeding time Apply is clicked on one of the screens, all new monitor changes are staged into the temporary area.

When the Administrator is done making changes, the user needs to decide if the changes will be saved and published to the server, or if they will be reverted.

  • Publish: temporarily staged changes are saved, and the updated configuration is sent to the Aternity Agents.
  • Revert: temporarily staged changes are discarded, and the Monitors tab is returned to its original state.

The Publish and Revert buttons become enabled after you click Apply. When a user makes changes to the Monitors screens, the screens are locked against editing for other users. Clicking Publish or Revert unlocks the screens to other users, as they will then be able to make monitor changes.