~Save and Schedule a Report~

In addition to generating ad-hoc reports, you can save and schedule reports. Saving reports provides a way to save multiple instances of a specific report with predefined parameters for either viewing or scheduling.

The Reports Scheduler automatically generates specific reports according to a predefined schedule. Scheduled reports are generated to either an email address (multiple email addresses can be specified), or to a specified directory.

Schedule a report from this screen, or first save the report and later define the schedule from the Repository screen, which lists all the saved reports.

The following actions can be done on reports saved in the Repository:

  • Updating report configuration parameters.

  • Generating the report with the predefined parameters.

  • Scheduling or changing the schedule of the report.

  • Deleting the report from the Repository.


  1. Step 1 Select a report from the Reports menu to display the Report Parameters for each report.
  2. Step 2 Enter the options and filters for this report.

    For instance, if you have a Location pick list, select the desired locations to add to the report information. If you want the report to display information on all locations, choose Select All.

  3. Step 3 If you have a free text field, you may need to input an integer or regular expression text entry.

    For example, Days Disconnected with a value of 5 means the select is five days.

  4. Step 4 Select Schedule this report to enter the date range and time schedule for the report.
  5. Step 5 Set the Destination as an email list separated by semicolons, or a directory on the Aternity Management Server.

    For example, an email list might be person1@email.com;person2@email.com;person3@email.com. A directory on the Management Server might be E:\data\aternity\custom_aternity_folder_output.

  6. Step 6 Select Generate to view the report example before scheduling.
  7. Step 7 Select Save to save and schedule the report, stored in the Repository section of the Reports menu.