~Usage-based Licensing Report~

This report summarizes usage of a specific application throughout the organization. It displays the number of hosts running the application, the number of End Users using the application, and the different application versions installed.

The report also provides a breakdown of End Users according to their daily use of the application. Active users use the application for 10 minutes or more a day. Sporadic users use the application for less than 10 minutes a day.

This report type provides unique insight into which users use which parts of the application. This information can be used to lower licensing costs by helping to determine:

  • Which license to buy for a given user (according to the features needed by the user)
  • Which users require an individual license, and which users can share a license
Required Parameters Default Description/Notes


Select from the drop-down list.

Date Range

Previous week

Installed Software

The regular expression entered must match the installed applications string of the operating system.

Example Report: