View Agents Information and Configuration Data Collected by Aternity

This article lists the data collected about an Agent deployed on a monitored device,

The Agent for End User Devices monitors end user experience by measuring device and application performance. It is a small background utility which runs on each monitored device, and reports its data to Aternity.

Types of monitored devices
Field Description
Action Execution Policy

Displays security settings of the deployed Agent. Learn more.

There are three options:
  • Trusted - The default policy that automatically applies during Aternity Agent mass deployment. This setting enforces the usage of digital signing of scripts and allows running only the scripts that are signed and secured.

  • Blocked - Aternity Agent blocks any script, either signed or not.

  • (For Agents below 12.1.4) Unrestricted - Aternity Agent runs any script, both signed and not signed. Starting Agent 12.1.4, Unrestricted is not supported any more.

Enforce Privacy

Displays whether this setting is False or True for the selected device.

If True, the Agent reports data anonymously, by encrypting the attributes which identify a user.

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Agent Current Status

(Windows, Macs) Displays the reporting status of the Agent for End User Devices:

  • The status of a device is Reporting if Aternity is actively receiving monitoring data from that device.

  • (For Windows and Macs) The status of a device is Disconnected if Aternity has not received monitoring data for more than five minutes from this device, but it has received data within the last 7 days.

    This could be caused by powering off the device (may be company policy to switch off every night), or it may not have a license to report to Aternity, or it could point to a problem with the device, like no network connection.

    When the Agent is disconnected, it locally stores up to 50 minutes of retention data in offline mode, and then sends it when it renews its connection.

  • (For Windows and Macs) The status of a device is Stopped if its Agent behaves unusually (like high CPU or memory usage), and therefore it automatically shuts down. Contact Customer Services.

    (For mobile devices) Aternity Mobile reports a status Stopped when it does not collect performance data, but can still receive commands from the Aggregation Server.

  • (For monitored mobile apps only) The status of a device is Not Reporting if Aternity has not received monitoring data from this mobile device for at least 10 minutes. This could happen if the device is shut down, or the device has no network data connection, or the mobile app is running in the background or is not running at all.

Agent Version Displays the version of the Agent for End User Devices on the device.
Health Status

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