Configure Aternity Digital Assistance Tool (Beta)

Aternity Digital Assistant is designed as a communication tool to engage your employees to give feedback. This tool helps IT gain awareness of how users feel about various aspects of the services provided by IT, by collecting the employee opinion on various subjects. Eventually, it will help optimize end user experience.

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This functionality is a beta program and requires the new Agent for End User Devices. Please contact Aternity Beta Team for the details.

You can launch the predefined survey or add your own one in the Sentiment Surveys administration screen in Aternity.
Send a predefined survey or add your own
Field Description
Survey Name

Displays the name as defined while adding a survey.


Displays the description as defined while adding a survey.

Last Modified

Displays the last date when a survey has been modified.

Context Menu

Displays Launch/View/Delete options for each survey.



  1. Step 1 Join the Beta program.

    You will get access to the new beta Agent for End User Devices deployment screen and to the Sentiment Surveys administration screen.

  2. Step 2 Deploy the Agent on a single device where you are going to test new capabilities (learn more).

    After deploying the Agent, it will start and run the Aternity Digital Assistant . It will take a few minutes after Agent deployment for the icon to appear.


    It might happen that the Aternity Digital Assistant icon will be added as part of the hidden icons. So, click the Show hidden icons if you do not see it in the System Tray. To make sure it is not hidden, go to the Taskbar settings > Select which icons appear on the taskbar > Notification Area and turn on the Aternity Agent.

  3. Step 3 Open the Gear Icon > Sentiment Surveys and configure the survey:
    1. a Select Settings > Branding to customize the look and feel (load your company logo and define the color following your branding).
      Open the assistance
    2. b Select Settings > General to always show the survey icon in the system tray.
    3. c Save your branding.

      You can generate your own surveys now or use the predefined by Aternity.

    4. d Select Add New, enter the general information, and then select Next.
    5. e Select the type of your question and then add the question itself. Answers will be automatically generated. You can add up to 9 questions in one survey.

      There are 5-scale or 7- scale likert questions. This bipolar scale gives 5 or 7 different options ranging from one extreme to another for the users to choose from. They are best used to understand how your customers feel about your service or your product. Or when you want to know customers’ reactions on the product performance, on a new product features, or else. And when you want to evaluate their answers to get a holistic view of their opinions. In the Likert scale survey, the choice of answers ranges from very dissatisfied to very satisfied making it easy for you to evaluate the overall results.

    6. f Reorder the questions if necessary by using the Up/Down arrows.
      Set the desired order to the questions in a survey
    7. g Once done, select Add to add the new survey to the list of all available surveys.
  4. Step 4 Decide what survey to run and select the row's context menu on the right > Launch.
    Field Description

    Displays the Launch Survey screen where you can define to whom you want to send the selected survey.

    For a single device, start typing and the system will bring you the list of possible choices. Only devices with Agent 12.2.1 or above will show as only they support the survey feature capabilities.

    For multiple devices, upload the .csv or .txt file with the names of devices on which you want to run the survey. Every row must contain only one device name.

    Expiration period can be between 1 and 30 days. Define how long your survey should be open.


    Displays the Add New screen where you can view the survey name and its description as well as the existing questions.


    There is no option to edit details.


    Deletes the survey.

    Launch a sample survey
  5. Step 5 Select the device which you want to send this survey to (make sure the new Agent has been deployed on that device).

    Generally, you would be generating a survey for a remote customer. For testing, you can trigger the survey on your own device.

  6. Step 6 Select Launch and wait for the Success message.

    Eventually a red dot appears on the System Tray icon of that device which you sent the survey to notifying about a new message.

    When you click the icon with a red dot, a survey that you have launched will pop out. It includes a company logo and color scheme and a few questions to answer.

    A person selects the answer and submits the survey.
    Answer the survey and submit

    See the answers via the REST API or in the Sentiment Survey dashboard in Aternity.

  7. Step 7 Please provide your feedback for this functionality.