Update Agent for Windows (Beta)

Aternity SaaS Administration can easily update for you remotely the Agent for End User Devices 12.2.1 or later on a large number of devices in your account.

You have to allow access to the following URL addresses that Agent tries to connect (add these addresses to your firewall white list):

Agents in your account periodically connect to the Aternity Updater Center (https://agent-updater.aternity.com) and check for new versions. When a new version is available, Agents connect to the server (https://s3.amazonaws.com/aternity-saas-static.aternity.com) in order to download the setup package.


To reduce the load on the network when downloading the new Agent setup package, you can create a local copy of the package on a proxy server, so that the setup package is being downloaded from a server within the organization network and not from Amazon AWS. The new package is located on https://s3.amazonaws.com/aternity-saas-static.aternity.com/updater-public-packages/windows/agent/<build_number>/Aternity_Agent_<build_number>.msi


Agent versions below 12.2.1 should be deployed as described in the deployment guides for a single device setup or mass deployment. Use the Agent Deployment administration screen in the Aternity console to download the necessary version.