Getting Started with Aternity APM OpenTelemetry

Aternity APM OpenTelemetry tool is a large-scale implementation that enables transactions tracing, storing, searching, and analyzing capabilities at the same time. This article explains how to integrate the tool into your application and make it report to the Analysis Server.


  1. Step 1 Contact Aternity to get access to Beta.

    Aternity will provide a server URL which you will use in the below steps.

  2. Step 2 Deploy APM Collector by doing the following:
    1. a Copy apm-collector.tar to system running docker.
    2. b Run docker load -i /path/to/apm-collector.tar
    3. c Run docker run -d --restart unless-stopped -p 9411:9411 -e SERVER_URL=<server_url>
  3. Step 3 Connect data source to APM Collector.

    Configure your Zipkin data source or exporter to point to the following address: http://<collector_system_hostname>:9411/api/v2/spans.

    If you want to send Jaeger or OpenTelemetry data, you can use an OpenTelemetry Collector configured with a Zipkin exporter.