Getting Started with Aternity APM OpenTelemetry

Aternity OpenTelemetry (OTEL) is a high-scale solution that enables you to collect, store, index and search spans and APM transactions at the same time.

This article explains how to integrate the tool into your application and make it report to the Analysis Server.


  1. Step 1 Provision your Aternity APM account.

    You should have already an Aternity APM account. If you are already Aternity Enterprise customer, please contact Riverbed Support Team or your regular Aternity personnel to provision this environment.

  2. Step 2 Deploy APM Collector.

    See instructions in our our dockerhub repository.

    You will need a docker environment.

  3. Step 3 Connect data source to APM Collector.

    For cookbooks on how to configure your current Zipkin, Jaeger or OpenTelemetry deployment, see our github documentation.