Introducing OpenTelemetry with Aternity APM

OpenTelemetry provides simple distributed tracing of your applications across a wide variety of languages and technologies while allowing you to choose which vendor or tool does the actual collection, storage, and analysis.

Available OpenTelemetry Tools:

What is a Span?

Span is a fundamental unit of OpenTelemetry, an individual item in the Trace. It is a unit of work done by the application for a given time period. Spans often capture high-level details about activity in your application, such as a web request, a database query, or a bit of long-running calculation to help you understand exactly where your application is spending its time. Each span consists of a span name and how long it lasts in milliseconds.

A span can be nested within another span. Many popular libraries and frameworks are already instrumented with some built-in spans, although this depends heavily on the language.

What is a Trace?

A single end-user request may result in a chain of spans on various servers across a distributed application. The set of all spans that result from an end-user request is called a trace. Each trace consists of one or more spans.

Aternity APM OpenTelemetry Benefits

OpenTelemetry is a valuable tool for providing better visibility into modern, heterogeneous distributed applications. That said, the various tools focus on facilitating the collection of this data as effortlessly as possible, but the back end's management and scaling are primarily left up to you.

  • Aternity APM OpenTelemetry is the only tool on the market that collects every single transaction and every single span

  • Built-in aggregation, custom metric overlays, and dynamic alerting provide more insight into your application

  • SaaS offering focuses on deploying your application rather than managing a second set of servers, queues, and storage

  • With Aternity APM OpenTelemetry you can not only do a basic search, but also drill down into an individual transaction (a trace) for further analysis

  • Easy to swap in if you have already instrumented your application with Zipkin, Jaeger, or other similar tools

Analyze spans

What Distributed Tracing Implementations Does Aternity APM Support?

The initial release is focused on integrating Zipkin, the second phase will be to provide support for Jaeger and OpenTelemetry collection very shortly thereafter.

Aternity APM OpenTelemetry enables you to integrate Aternity APM into your distributed tracing pipeline wherever is convenient for your application. We believe you should be able to use Aternity APM as your sole tracing tool or just as easily alongside your existing tracing tool.

Our long-term goal is to support every popular form of OpenTelemetry and to make it simple to send the data to Aternity APM with little or no changes to your infrastructure.