Trial POC Deployment for Aternity 10 (up to 100 devices)

The trial POC demo deployment of Aternity on-premise v10 is the smallest configuration which supports up to 100 monitored devices or virtual desktops, and a single Aternity user. It also assumes one monitored managed application per device which monitors the application's resource usage.

Trial POC deployment for Aternity on-premise

You can also set up a trial deployment using VMWare virtual machines, by downloading and deploying the three OVA image files.

Set up trial POC for Aternity on-premise with OVA image files

Synchronize all Aternity components to have the same date, time AND time zone.

Learn more about an OVA trial deployment.

Hardware Specifications for a Trial or POC Deployment

The trial deployment requires the following hardware specifications:

Component Minimum Memory (RAM) Minimum CPU Free disk space Additional configuration

Aternity Management Server (and with Oracle Database Server, Aggregation Server, Data Warehouse Server)


Xeon E3 family

2 cores

2 GHz


JVM heap size: (learn more)



ActiveMQ JVM Heap Size: 1G

Oracle's System Global Area (SGA): 2GB

Program Global Area (PGA): 1GB

Aternity Dashboard Server

16GB (you can ignore the RAM size warning during setup)

Xeon E5 family

8 Cores

2.4-3.6 GHz

15MB cache

40GB (SSD)

Or I/O per sec (IOPS): 900

For less standard hardware configurations, see the setup instructions and hardware best practices from Tableau. To deploy on a virtual machine, you must guarantee the CPU and memory requirements.

Aternity Vertica Database Server and Aternity ETL Server


Xeon E5 family

4 Cores

2.4-3.6 GHz

15MB cache

50GB (SSD)

Includes swap file: 6GB

Or I/O per sec (IOPS): 900

The disk space is the total required for all Vertica Database Servers together in a cluster, before any high availability (k-safety = 0). For minimum high availability, we recommend at least k-safety = 1 (learn more).

If you deploy on virtual machines, you MUST define all resources as dedicated or reserved (Resource Allocation > Reservation).

Aternity Data Source for Portal (optional) and Aternity REST API Server (optional)

8GB together, 4GB each if you separate them

Xeon E3 family

2 Cores

2.4-3.6 GHz

80GB (SSD) together, 40GB (SSD) each if you separate them

Optional. Only required if you use this functionality.


The setup checks free disk space under the logs directory (/var/log). If you are short on disk space for the setup directory, you can map this directory (soft link) to a different drive.

You must also install each server with the required operating system and other software. For details, see the system and software requirements for each server.