Perform a Failover for Aternity 11 (Disaster Recovery)

You can switch to a standby site in case of disaster, when your main site becomes unavailable. Alternatively, it is possible to switch to a standby site anytime you want to test your deployment readiness.

Before you begin

  • Create a backup of the advanced dashboards you saved locally. Learn more.

  • Field Description of Default Values in the Script
    aternity_schema aternity
    dr_cluster_nodes_ips Enter the IP addresses of all Vertica nodes.


  1. Step 1 Ensure the main production site is shut down (shut down all processes of the server before continuing).
    1. a Stop the AternityPlatform service on these servers, in this order:
    2. b Stop the Aternity Docker Components Server.
  2. Step 2 Ensure the hot standby site is shut down (shut down all processes of the server before continuing).
  3. Step 3 Disable the replication process on the main Vertica Database Server:

    From Node 1 in the primary cluster, as dbadmin user, execute the Python script:

    $ python /home/dbadmin/ --task disable --dbadmin_user dbadmin --dbadmin_password admin --database_name aternity
  4. Step 4 Ensure the replication process is disabled:
    • On the primary Vertica Database Server, in the table public.replication_indicator, the column is_enabled must have the 0 value.

    • The replication task does not exist on the main node 1 in the dbadmin crontab.

  5. Step 5 (DBAs only) Disable the replication process on the primary Oracle Database Server.
  6. Step 6 (DBAs only) Change the standby Oracle Database Server READONLY mode to a regular mode.
  7. Step 7 Execute as dbadmin user. The script resides in the DBADMIN home folder.
    $ python /home/dbadmin/ --dbadmin_user dbadmin --dbadmin_password admin --database_name aternity --aternity_schema aternity
  8. Step 8 On the standby Management Server, open the command line and browse to the installation directory (for example, D:\data\aternity).
  9. Step 9 Run switchDR.bat with the following parameters:
    • a hot standby Oracle Database Server JDBC URL

    • the main site GR user

    • a hot standby Vertica Database Server IP address

    For example,
    switchDR.bat jdbc:oracle:thin:@// prod_gr
  10. Step 10 Start the standby Management Server that now serves as the main one.
  11. Step 11 On the standby Docker Components server that now serves as the main one, browse to the installation folder and run the following commands in this order:
    1. ./aternity-docker-admin prepare-dr-switch
    2. ./aternity-docker-admin rconfigure
    When connecting