Stop Aternity Vertica Database Server for Maintenance

This article explains how to stop Aternity Vertica Database Server for maintenance or other purposes.

Vertica is a third-party column-store database optimized for large volume data analytics. The Aternity Vertica Database Server stores the performance data in the Vertica format, which is most efficient for displaying in Aternity dashboards. It receives its data from the Aternity Docker Components Server.

For the first time server setup, learn here. For updates, learn here.

Before you begin

  • Complete setting up one or more Aternity Vertica Database Servers.

  • It is recommended to back up your data before stopping the database for maintenance. Learn more.


  1. Step 1 Login to one of the nodes in a cluster.
  2. Step 2 As dbadmin user, enter the administrative tool user interface, and run $ admintools.
  3. Step 3 Select Stop Database and then OK.
    Enter administrative tool and move to Stop database
  4. Step 4 Select database name to stop using the mouse or space bar.
    Select database to stop
  5. Step 5 Enter the database password (which is dbadmin).
    Enter password
  6. Step 6 If there are open sessions to database, select Proceed in an open message.
    Select Proceed to continue
  7. Step 7 Once database is shut down, you can continue with maintenance procedures.