Register to Activate Aternity on-premise

To setup the Aternity Management Server, you must register with Aternity's online activation form. Enter your contact details and serial number to send an activation key to your email.

Aternity requires a live email address for every production deployment of Aternity on-premise, to properly honor our commitments of royalty payments to vendors of third party software.


The activation key is temporary, valid for seven days only. If this time passed, you must re-enter your contact details to retrieve an updated key.


  1. Step 1 Go to
    Retrieve an activation key to continue the setup
    Field Description
    Company Name

    Enter the name of your enterprise which purchased Aternity.

    Contact Email / Confirm Email

    Enter your work email address which you can access. Aternity sends the activation key to this address.


    You must check the inbox of this account for the activation key. You cannot continue setup without this key.

    Serial Number for your Aternity Purchase

    Enter the exact serial number of the latest Aternity purchase.

    Environment Type

    Define the purpose of your system, for identification purposes only. Selection options are Production, Test, and Trial-POC.


    Select the version Aternity which you want to activate.

  2. Step 2 Check the inbox of the mail address you entered above.

    The email contains your temporary activation key, which is valid for seven days.

  3. Step 3 Copy the entire activation key to the clipboard.
  4. Step 4 Start the setup of the Aternity Management Server.
  5. Step 5 When prompted, paste the activation key from your mail and select Next.
    Enter the activation key