Secure Your Aternity Agent with SSL Encryption (HTTPS)

The below procedure provides details about how to secure communication between Aternity Agents and Aggregation Server.

When you configure servers to use Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption, this ensures that access to the server is secure and that data is protected.

Usually, users configure SSL encryption (HTTPS) during the Agent initial setup. If this is not the case, reinstall and reconfigure your Agents.

Before you begin

An Aggregation Server gathers (aggregates) the data directly from Agent for End User Devicess on monitored devices, and passes it on to the Management Server.

Aggregation Server collects and consolidates data from monitored devices

As your deployment grows in size, add more identical Aggregation Servers (see deployment sizing for details). If your sizing requires that you deploy more than one dedicated Aternity Aggregation Server, you must deploy a third party load balancer (LB). Then configure the Agent for End User Devices of all devices to point to the LB's virtual IP address (learn more). Configure the LB with persistent (sticky) sessions to ensure the Agent maintains its connection with the same server. Aternity also supports sticky sessions when the LB implements stickiness via cookies.

Deploy a third party load balancer if you have multiple Aggregation Servers


If the access to Aggregation Server is secured, then configure the Agent setup to use a secured HTTPS connection, by specifying https:// in the address of the Aggregation Server in the Agent's setup parameters file.