Update the Dashboard Gateway Server for Aternity 9.x

Update the Aternity Dashboard Gateway Server by running the setup over the previous pathname.

The Dashboard Gateway acts as the interface between the Dashboard Server and the Aternity Management Server, performing background tasks like preprocessing the data for display in the dashboards, and maintaining logs, audits and cleanup. It must be on the same computer as the Dashboard Server. While it has no user interface of its own, it is crucial to the proper functioning of Aternity.

The Dashboard Gateway is on the same computer as the Dashboard Server

Before you begin

  • If you are running a version that predates v7.1.x, update to v7.1.x before updating to v9.x.

  • Check the correct sizing for your deployment before updating any of your Aternity servers.

  • If your legacy Agents communicate over TCP, you must first test then switch from TCP to HTTP(S).

  • Update the Aternity Database Server by verifying and then updating the Oracle database.

  • Update the Dashboard Server by uninstalling the previous version of Tableau and then running the setup to install the new version.


  1. Step 1 Access the Aternity Dashboard Server.
  2. Step 2 Log in to the computer as a local administrator.

    To verify you are a local administrator on this computer, not a domain administrator, open the System control panel, select Advanced system settings > Computer Name, and confirm the Change button is active.

  3. Step 3 Download the latest version of Aternity on-premise from our website.

    The setup package is for all Aternity servers.

    Download Aternity on-premise from the website
  4. Step 4 Right-click the setup and select Run as administrator to begin.
  5. Step 5 Select Yes, update the existing installation.
    Choose to overwrite the previous deployment
  6. Step 6 Define the Management Server's access to the Dashboard Gateway.
    Define the credentials and port number for the Dashboard Gateway
    Field Description
    Gateway User / Password /Confirm Password

    Displays the username and password for the Dashboard Gateway. Make a note of this for when you later install the Aternity dashboard layouts on the Management Server.

    Gateway Port

    Displays the port number which the Management Server must use when it accesses the Dashboard Server. The default port is 8088.

  7. Step 7 Connect the Dashboard Gateway to the Dashboard Server (Tableau).

    The update automatically inserts the settings from the previous existing setup.

    Connect to the Dashboard Server (Tableau)
    Field Description
    Tableau Administrator User / Password

    Enter the Tableau administrator username and password which you created when you set up the Dashboard Server.


    To avoid adding hidden characters, type these fields with the exact correct credentials. Do not paste them.

    Tableau Hostname

    Enter the hostname or IP address which users must enter in their URL when accessing the dashboards directly from the Dashboard Server.

    This is NOT the Aternity URL. This is the direct dashboards URL. For example, dashboards.company.com


    To avoid adding hidden characters, type this field with the exact correct address. Do not paste it.


    Enter the port for users to access the dashboards. The default is 80, but if you select Use SSL Transport, enter 443.

    Use SSL Transport

    Select if you configured the Dashboard Server so users who view the dashboards in their browsers must access via SSL (https).

  8. Step 8 Restart the computer to complete the setup.

    If you choose not to restart when prompted, it displays the final screen which urges you to restart the computer.

    Start the Dashboard Gateway automatically
  9. Step 9 To verify that the Dashboard Gateway is functioning properly:
    1. a Verify there is a Windows Service called AternityTableauGateway which starts automatically.
    2. b On the Dashboard Server, go to http://localhost:8088/tableau-gateway/info.jsp

      If you changed the default port from 8088 to a different value, substitute it here.

    3. c Enter the Dashboard Gateway's username and password to display its settings in the browser.
      Verify the Dashboard Gateway is functioning