Start Deploying Aternity on-premise Servers 9.0.2 / 9.0.3

To deploy your Aternity on-premise, you first plan your deployment, then either install or upgrade to Aternity v9.0.3.


  1. Step 1 Plan your deployment, by choosing the size, shape and contingencies to put into place for your deployment.

    See Plan your Deployment Strategy for Aternity on-premise 9.0.2 / 9.0.3.

    Plan your deployment of Aternity on-premise
  2. Step 2 For a new Aternity on-premise deployment, follow the instructions for a fresh Aternity installation.
    Order for installing Aternity on-premise components
  3. Step 3 To update an existing Aternity on-premise deployment, see Upgrade Aternity on-premise to 9.0.2 / 9.0.3.
    Uninstall an embedded component during upgrade, then run setup to install it on a standalone server