Plan your Deployment Strategy for Aternity on-premise

To plan your Aternity on-premise installation, you must consider a number of parallel dimensions which come together to determine the size, shape and order of your deployment.

Consider several issues when planning your deployment of Aternity on-premise


  1. Step 1 Size your deployment to determine the number of servers and their hardware requirements.
  2. Step 2 Secure your deployment to determine whether to implement secure HTTPS for external access to the system.
    Secure external connections with HTTPS
  3. Step 3 Choose the network topology of your deployment, which determines the placement of firewalls and any ports to open between them.
    Centralized deployment of Aternity on-premise
  4. Step 4 Choose a policy of redundancy, high availability (HA), backups and restore or disaster recovery (DR) procedures of your deployment.
    Implement redundancy via failover in Aternity
  5. Step 5 Prepare the operating systems and other software requirements for each server.
  6. Step 6 Perform your Install or upgrade of Aternity on-premise on the computers you prepared.
  7. Step 7 Plan and deploy Aternity Agent on devices, so they report their performance to Aternity
    Workflow for deploying Aternity Agent in your organization