Quick Search for a Device, User or Application from the Top Bar

Use the search box in the top bar to quickly start monitoring a device hostname, username or application, or enter the name of a dashboard.


You can use spaces and other alphanumeric characters. This search is not case sensitive, so it will search for the text in any combination of upper and lower case characters. The search does not support wild cards (*) or other forms of logic (and/or).


  1. Step 1 Open a browser and sign in to Aternity.
  2. Step 2 Enter a name or part of it into the search box in the top bar of any screen in Aternity.
    Search for users, devices, applications, or dashboards

    Aternity looks for items whose name contains the text you entered, and displays them in a drop-down list. As you continue to type, the suggestions narrow further.

    The menu displays all applications or dashboards, or the first five usernames and devices. To find a specific username like mark_buchanan, if there are too many usernames which begin with mar, continue entering characters to narrow the list of choices in the search list.

    Type as many characters as you need to find the name you want

    The list displays the following types of results:

    • Usernames ()

    • Applications, including desktop applications (), web applications () and mobile apps ().

    • Dashboards (): monitor (), troubleshoot (), analyze (), inventory ().

    • Devices, including Windows desktops/laptops (), Mac desktops/ laptops (), tablets (), smartphones (), remote devices (), virtual desktops (), hypervisors () and virtual application servers ().

  3. Step 3 Select the name of a user or device to quickly jump to its dashboard.

    For example, if you select a username, you navigate to the User Experience dashboard for that user. If you select a device, you navigate to the dashboard where you can troubleshoot that device, and if you select an application, you navigate to the monitor application dashboard.

    Select to see a user's experience
  4. Step 4 You can also search for a type of dashboard, or for the name of any monitored application in the dashboards, including applications which are automatically discovered, and those with defined activities.

    For example to view a monitor dashboard, you can list all the monitor dashboards in Aternity by typing the word monitor in the search box. You can do the same to find a troubleshoot, validate, or inventory dashboard, or to find a custom defined dashboard.

    Find and jump dashboard by entering its type

    Usually the system only displays dashboards from applications when it has gathered data on its usage and performance.