Monitor End User Experience

Use SteelCentral Aternity™ to monitor every device and application from the end user viewpoint in real-time, to detect any performance issues.

Monitoring end user experience
  • Use the Monitor Enterprise Applications dashboard to view a summary of the performance of all applications, including the number of people using each application, their experience, and the health of those applications, all with zero configuration, while the defined managed applications also display their activity performance.

    For more information, see Key Task: Monitor Enterprise Applications.

  • Monitor a single application's performance, as well as its health, and the extent of its adoption in your organization, to proactively check if any issues might arise, or if any reported issues might be due to that application's deployment.

    For more information, see Key Task: Monitor Application.

  • You can monitor the overall experience of a single user, to investigate a problem in that person's device or application performance.

    For more information, see Key Task: Monitor a User or Device (User Experience).

  • You can monitor the health and performance of your monitored mobile apps, by viewing a detailed summary of their performance, adoption rates, data volumes, errors and crashes.

    For more information, see Monitor Additional Mobile App Details.

  • You can monitor your compliance to service level agreements (SLAs) in any monitored application in Aternity, by viewing whether its performance exceeds its SLA thresholds.

    For more information, see Key Task: Monitor SLA.

  • Use the NOC View dashboard for a single-glance summary of the current status of the performance of applications and devices in your organization. You can also glance at a summary of all live open incidents, and any remote display latency for virtual deployments. This dashboard is ideally suited for network operating centers (NOCs).

    For more information, see Key Task: Monitor NOC.

  • Use the My Enterprise dashboard as the home page of the system, to view a detailed summary of the status of your organization and drill down to more details if required. From here, you can reach most of the system's dashboards with very few clicks.

    For more information, see Monitor My Enterprise for Legacy Agents.