Key Task: Validate Application Change

Use Validate Application Change if you upgraded or made a change which impacts a single application, and you want to assess the impact of that change on its performance.

There are several ways to do this.

To... Do this...

To validate that your change improved the performance of a desktop application, or to validate that the change did not worsen performance

Use the Validate Application Change dashboard.


If you upgraded your application, verify each existing activity is still monitored in the upgraded version, using the Validate Application Change dashboard.

To view if there was a change in errors or crashes of this application resulting from the change

Use the Device Health dashboard.

View the Trends section to see an overview of the number of errors, crashes, and other health events during the comparison period. To narrow the data to a specific application and date range:

  • Set the dates to display a sufficient time before and after the change.

  • Select the type of issues you want to display in the Health Events section (like system errors, or application-specific crashes).

  • To display only the events associated with the process name, use the Components section.

To detect if there is a change in device CPU usage or top processes resulting from the change

Use the Activity Resource Analysis dashboard.

To validate a change in mobile apps

Use the App Analysis dashboard. Narrow the data to a specific app by filtering for that app only.

To compare the performance of an application between two different versions

Use the Analyze Application Performance dashboard, and choose to break down the measurements by application versions.

To validate a change in a virtual application (on Citrix XenApp)

See the Monitor Application dashboard.


  1. Step 1 Open a browser and sign in to Aternity.
  2. Step 2 Select Main Menu > Validate > Application Change.
    Accessing Validate Application Changes
  3. Step 3 Select the scope of data displayed in the Validate Application Change dashboard.
    Defining the scope of view in the Validate Application Change dashboard
    Field Description
    Select the application

    Choose the name of the application from the list of monitored applications, whose performance you want to compare.

    If your application is not listed, ask your Power User of Aternity or Administrator of Aternity to add the application.

    Does the application impact more than one activity?

    Select No to narrow the view to a single activity of the application. Select Yes to view all monitored activities in this application.

    Select the date of the change

    Select the date of the start of the change to the application. This is the date of the comparison. The dashboard displays several days before and after this date.

    Select the duration of the change (days)

    If the change took more than one day, enter the number of days required for the transition. For the purposes of comparison, the system does not display gathered data from the transition phase.