Getting Started with SteelCentral Aternity SaaS

SteelCentral Aternity™ monitors the performance of applications and devices from the end user perspective, so you can measure and improve the productivity of your workforce. It monitors your digital experience on the device by installing a lightweight Aternity Agent, which runs in the background on all monitored devices in your organization. Our presence on the end user's device (not remotely on a server) offers unique insights into the performance delays of applications and devices as the users themselves experience them.

Aternity focuses on end user experience by monitoring each device's application performance, device health and user productivity

Aternity is part of the wider SteelCentral Suite. Although traditional APM products provide some aspects of EUEM (End User Experience Monitoring), only the SteelCentral Suite gives end-to-end visibility, showing the real user experience, and tracing problems all the way to the back end servers.

Aternity builds a broader picture of efficiency across your entire organization by measuring the performance of all applications, like their wait times, and the performance of devices, like their boot times or resource usage. It also helps keep track of your inventory, and can monitor the impact of large changes or migrations. It displays these insights using simple, powerful, and intuitive dashboards, or alternatively you can access the data directly via REST APIs. This enables IT teams to proactively troubleshoot issues, by exposing delays and problems from the end users' viewpoint.

Aternity monitors the performance of Windows devices (laptops, desktops, tablets), Apple Mac devices (desktops, laptops), mobile devices (iOS, Android) and virtual sessions (VDI and virtual applications).

Aternity safeguards end user privacy by focusing on performance measurements, storing PII (personally identifiable information) for short periods only, solely for the purposes of troubleshooting user experience problems. Learn more.


  1. Step 1 If you are a new administrator of Aternity, see getting started for administrators to configure the system for the first time.

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    New administrators configure Aternity step by step
  2. Step 2 For new users, explore Aternity's value with product tours, to understand how you can gain insights into workforce performance.

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    New users can tour the system to see its value