Download Aternity on-premise for Setup

Deploy or update Aternity on-premise deployment where each component has its own dedicated computer in larger deployments, or you can combine several components on the same computer for smaller deployments. The components of the Aternity on-premise solution are:

Order for installing Aternity on-premise components
Field Description
Aternity Oracle Database Server

The Aternity Oracle Database Server is an Oracle database which hosts the Aternity system settings, data model and performance data.

Aternity Vertica Database Server

The Aternity Vertica Database Server stores the performance data from the past 31 days in the Vertica format, which is most efficient for displaying in Aternity dashboards.

Aternity Dashboard Server

The Dashboard Server displays Aternity's intuitive dashboards using Tableau as its engine.

Aternity Dashboard Gateway Server

The Dashboard Gateway acts as the interface between the Dashboard Server and the Aternity Management Server, performing background tasks like preprocessing the data for display in the dashboards, and maintaining logs, audits and cleanup. It must be on the same computer as the Dashboard Server. While it has no user interface of its own, it is crucial to the proper functioning of Aternity.

Aternity Management Server

The Aternity Management Server acts as Aternity's central server, which manages and integrates all the components. When users access Aternity to view the dashboards or configure it, they access this server via a browser.

Docker Components

The Aternity Docker Components Server is one of the Aternity on-premise components that hosts all other Aternity docker containers which add functionality to Aternity. Most components are mandatory, but you can choose to add or omit some of those Docker containers from your deployment.

Aternity Aggregation Server

An Aggregation Server gathers (aggregates) the data directly from Agent for End User Devicess on monitored devices, and passes it on to the Management Server.

Aternity Data Warehouse Server

The Data Warehouse Server is part of the Aternity data flow and responsible for the initial analysis and processing of the data. It is a central piece in the Aternity architecture.The Data Warehouse Server stores the raw data gathered from the Aggregation Servers, and aggregates (summarizes) it for the Oracle Database Server and the Aternity Vertica Database Server. It constantly aggregates and re-summarizes data in the main database in the background, replacing older, more detailed data with summary data as it ages. Therefore older data typically has limited drill-down capabilities.

Agent for End User Devices

The Agent for End User Devices monitors end user experience by measuring device and application performance. It is a small background utility which runs on each monitored device, and reports its data to the Aternity Aggregation Server.

Before you begin

  • Decide on the size of your deployment, based on the number of devices to monitor. This directly determines the number of servers you need, and their hardware specifications.


    If your sizing requires that you deploy more than one dedicated Aternity Aggregation Server, you must deploy a third party load balancer (LB). Then configure the Agent for End User Devices of all devices to point to the LB's virtual IP address (learn more). Configure the LB with persistent (sticky) sessions to ensure the Agent maintains its connection with the same server. Aternity also supports sticky sessions also when the LB implements stickiness via cookies.


  1. Step 1 Download the latest Aternity on-premise's main setup package from the Riverbed support site by selecting Software (size) (learn more).

    The setup package is for all Aternity servers.

    Download Aternity on-premise from the website

    There are also entries in the Useful Links section which are required for database setup.

  2. Step 2 If you are deploying Aternity in an air-gapped network, ensure you download the exact files you need, ahead of time.
    File Name Description Link for download


    Download the package that includes the setup of the following Aternity servers: Management Server, Aggregation Server, Data Warehouse Server. Vertica Database Server, Dashboard Gateway, Aternity Docker Components Server, TableauServer-10-4-9-Aternity-64bit.exe for the Aternity Dashboard Server

    Download the latest Aternity on-premise's main setup package from the Riverbed support site by selecting Software (size) (learn more)., or, or Oracle_11.2.0.4.part1.exe, Oracle_11.2.0.4.part2.exe

    Download the pair of setup files for one of the supported versions of Aternity Oracle Database Server.

    Only these exact versions of Oracle to work with this version of Aternity.

    Useful Links section of the Riverbed support site

    Oracle part 1, Oracle part 2

    Oracle part 1, Oracle part 2

    Oracle part 1, Oracle part 2, or

    Download the script to use the express setup of the Aternity Oracle Database, which requires the complete Oracle setup packages.

    Useful Links section of the Riverbed support site

    Silent Install, Silent Install, Silent Install,


    The Aternity Dashboard Server uses Tableau, a third party product, as its main engine. Only this exact version of Tableau works with Aternity 11.


    Air-gapped networks make offline Tableau setup very lengthy. You must upload and download several files in sequence as a challenge response. Tableau does not allow this in one action. We do not control their setup procedures.

    Useful Links section of the Riverbed support site


    Download this patch to address an HTTPS (SSL) vulnerability required to access Aternity. Run this during a Dashboard Server fresh setup or update.

    Download from this third party site.

    Tableau's Apache server update files: vc_redist_x86.exe,, and

    Download this patch to address an Apache server security issue for the Dashboard Server.

    Download from this third party site.


    Ensure this server has Microsoft .NET 3.5 (exactly) required for the database drivers, and .NET 4.5 or later, required for driver setup (both in parallel). To add .NET to a Windows Server, learn more.

    Search for these versions on the Microsoft Download Center.


    Synchronizes time and time zones between the Aternity components.

    If not included in your version of CentOS, search for Chrony, and download the version for your Linux OS.

    Database template (DBT)

    (Optional) When a DBA manually deploys the Aternity Oracle Database Server, you can use a template to set default values in the setup assistant (DBCA), depending on the size of your deployment.

    Contained in the express setup of the Aternity Oracle Database (see above).