View the Geographical Distribution of Sites and Users

The Map dashboard displays the locations reporting to Aternity and the usage time in each location. Quickly view the usage in each location on a geographical map, to see the heaviest users of these applications.

Use the zoom control for changing the zoom level of the map.

The Map dashboard is available in deployments with internet connection only. In air-gapped networks, this dashboard is unavailable because it cannot work offline. To show the dashboard, you should configure the advanced settings of Aternity.

Go to the Gear Icon > Advanced Settings > account/hasInternetConnection/. By default, in a fresh Aternity on-premise deployment, the Browser is set to ON and the Server to OFF. Set both Browser and Server to ON under aternity/account/hasInternetConnection/. Save the settings, log off and then log in again.


  1. Step 1 Open a browser and sign in to Aternity.
  2. Step 2 To access this dashboard for the first time:
    1. a Select Main Menu > Monitor > Enterprise Summary.
      Access the Enterprise Summary dashboard

      The Enterprise Summary dashboard opens.

    2. b Switch to the Map tab.
      Check which locations have the worst performance in terms of wait time

      Change the View to visualize the hang time, wait time, activity score, or response time in each location to check which locations have the worst performance in terms of the selected metric.

      The size of each circle reflects the selected measurement of business activities for that location.

      See the activity score or the total hang time or else in each location

      You can save the dashboard to revisit it any time. Access the dashboard by typing its name in the search box in the top bar.

  3. Step 3 View the geographical distribution of an application usage, to see the locations impacted by a long wait time, or which have a low activity score.
    Check which locations run most of your applications or have the worst performance in terms of wait time
    Field Description
    Usage Time

    The usage time of an application is the total time it is running, in the foreground, and being used. This includes the wait time, the time a user spends waiting for the application to respond. For web applications, the usage time is when both the browser window and the application's tab are in the foreground. Learn more.

    Wait Time

    The wait time of a Windows application is defined as the time users spend waiting for the application to respond when it is actively running and in use (part of the usage time). Learn more.

    Hang Time

    Hang time measures the time when an application is listed as Not responding in the Windows Task Manager while it is in the foreground (in use). This measurement is used to calculate the wait time of an application, and the overall UXI.

    Activity Score

    The activity score is a value (0-100) which summarizes the statuses of all activity response times into a single value. Each value is calculated using our Apdex-inspired formula or manually set thresholds, and also has a status and color.

    Learn more.
    Average Response Time

    An activity response is the time taken for an application to complete an activity in seconds. The time also has a severity status based on its expected time (measured using baselines or manual or SLA thresholds). For example, if the time required to launch an application is much slower than recent baselined measurements, it might be classed as Major.

    For further information, you can select Analyze to drill down to the Analyze Applications dashboard filtered by Business Locations, or select Show Users to see the same dashboard filtered by Usernames.