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Aternity monitors the performance of applications and devices from the end user perspective, so you can measure and improve the productivity and user experience of your workforce. It monitors your digital experience on the device by installing a lightweight Agent for End User Devices, which runs in the background on all monitored devices in your organization. Our presence on the end user's device (not remotely on a server) offers unique insights into the performance delays of applications and devices as the users themselves experience them.

Use this 14-day free trial account to start monitoring a few selected PCs to evaluate Aternity features. You can deploy the Aternity on 10 Windows desktops or laptops.
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To try Aternity for free

Sign up for a free trial using the self-service form in the Aternity website.

Sign in to Aternity in a Windows browser on a monitor with resolution 1280 x 768 or more.

You can view Aternity in: Google Chrome version 42 and above, Microsoft Internet Explorer version 11 and 11 Enterprise Mode, with Compatibility Mode disabled and third-party browser extensions enabled.

To download and install the Agent

Click Download Aternity Agent at the top of the screen. Open the downloaded file and follow the default setup instructions on the InstallShield.

The Agent for End User Devices monitors end user experience by measuring device and application performance. It is a small background utility which runs on each monitored device, and reports its data to the Aternity Aggregation Server.

To see a quick summary of the performance of all applications, device health and boot statistics

Select Performance Summary to open the Enterprise Summary dashboard.

The Enterprise Summary dashboard displays a quick summary of the performance of all applications in your enterprise, including their popularity, user experience, and health.

For example, you can immediately see the usage of applications on the ground, rather than the applications which people should use, and whether users spend time waiting for it to respond, all with zero configuration. Check if people use applications which are not part of your official portfolio (known as Shadow IT), which may not be allowed by your company policy.

Learn more.

You can go back to the previous page at any time by clicking the Back arrow in your web browser or the Aternity logo at the left upper corner of the screen.

Select Service Desk

Select Service Desk to see your device score, static attributes and see the summary of all main and most important device's metrics.

The IT Service Desk dashboard is an excellent starting point to investigate problems with malfunctioning devices that employees in the organization complain about. This tool has been developed for tier 1 support engineers for an initial troubleshooting without connecting to a device remotely.

For example, without asking many questions and browsing the remote device, immediately see its CPU speed and type, memory size, the model of a device, the disk free space, what antivirus and browsers it uses, and more.

Learn more.

See how your organization’s device health and user experience compares to industry standards

Select Industry Benchmark dashboard. Learn more about this dashboard.

To return to the main screen, click on the Aternity logo.

To learn more about your trial account

Select Help > Overview Tour and move from step to step to learn about various options available in this screen.

Get more information about Aternity

Click on Schedule a Demo at the top of the screen. Click OK to confirm sending email to Aternity and our representative will get in touch with you.

To ask a question or write feedback

Select Help > Ask a Question to open a feedback form. Type your question and click Submit.

Alternatively, select Ask a Question button at the right bottom side of the screen.

To watch videos about Aternity and the value it brings

Select a video clip at the bottom of the screen.

Video clips guide you through some of the main dashboards to show the product's features and value.

To open the panel with all available Product Tours to watch what Aternity can do for you

Select Aternity Product Tours at the bottom of the screen or select Help > Product Tours to explore Aternity's value.

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To change your password for this trial account

Select the User icon at the top of the screen and change the password of the account.

Change the password of the account

To return to the Home Page

Click on the Aternity logo at the top of the screen.

For an introduction to Aternity, and why it leads the market in end user experience monitoring, learn more.