Save, Subscribe and Share a Dashboard (Dashboards by Category)

You can save and share a customized dashboard, to revisit it any time in the Main Menu, or you can schedule to send regular email updates of your customized dashboard to stay proactive and catch any issues before they catch you. The subscription email has both a PDF attachment of the dashboard (containing frozen data), and also a link to the live dashboard, to view the saved view settings (menus at the top of the dashboard) with live data.

To save, share and subscribe, you first view a dashboard, customize it, then share with people and subscribe someone to regular email updates, and finally you save it.

To view the link to a dashboard, you must have a username for Aternity, so the email also includes a PDF attachment which anyone can view.

Subscribe and share a dashboard

When you re-open a saved dashboard, it displays the latest data with the menus and sections which you set at the time of saving.

For example, if you have the ideal timeframe and set of sections in your SLA dashboard, you can save and share this view with others. Note that sharing is possible only with users that exist in the Aternity account because they will see that dashboard in the Aternity console.


  1. Step 1 Open a browser and sign in to Aternity.
  2. Step 2 Navigate to the dashboard you want to save.

    Use the search box in the top bar to quickly start monitoring a device, user experience, or application. You can enter a device hostname or IP address; username, full name or email address of a user, an application process name, or enter the name of a dashboard.

  3. Step 3 Set the view of the dashboard as you want it saved.
    A saved dashboard preserves the view settings: top menu selections and section displays
  4. Step 4 To save a dashboard or subscribe to regular email updates, select Save in the top bar of the dashboards.

    A link to a saved dashboard opens it with the same view settings when you saved it (menu selections at the top of the dashboard, or choosing to view a section name). It does NOT freeze the data itself within the dashboard, just the view settings.

    Save a dashboard's view settings
    Field Description

    Enter a unique name, up to 22 characters long. It can also include spaces.


    To keep dashboards under Favorites , bookmark them in the Main Menu or when saving.

    Select Category

    Select in what category to save this dashboard.

    You can create your own categories in the Main Menu where to save dashboards. Learn more.


    The Main Menu does not show empty categories. Only if you saved a dashboard in that new category, the category appears in the menu.

    Only me

    Select this if you are the only user who can access this saved dashboard.


    Select this if you want other users in your organization to access this saved dashboard.

    Username or Group

    Select this if you want only certain people in your organization to access this saved dashboard and enter their user names.

    To enter more than one name, separate the user names with a semi-colon only (;) no space.

    You can enter group names instead, as defined in the Active Directory.


    To subscribe yourself or anyone else to regular email updates of your saved dashboard, enter all valid email addresses that receive a subscription email for this saved dashboard at a given frequency (like weekly).

    To enter more than one address for the same frequency, separate the addresses with a semi-colon only (;) no space.

    The system sends an email regularly containing a live link to the saved dashboard, and a PDF attachment with the dashboard's frozen data at the time.

    While anyone can view and share the PDF attachment, you must have an Aternity username to view a live link to a customized dashboard.

    Select Schedule for Subscriptions

    Select the schedule when Aternity sends the subscription mail:

    • Daily sends every night (server time).

    • Weekdays sends every night, Monday to Friday (server time).

    • Mondays sends every Monday morning (server time).

    • Monthly sends on the first day of every month in the morning (server time).

    You cannot schedule timeframes that are lower than 24 hours.

  5. Step 5 To access a dashboard which you saved or somebody else shared with you, select Main Menu > Category where the dashboard was saved.
    Access a saved dashboard
  6. Step 6 To rename a saved dashboard, or change its visibility to other users, select Edit Properties.
    Edit the properties of a saved dashboard
  7. Step 7 To remove a saved dashboard, select the dashboard and then select Delete.