Troubleshoot Applications Usage and Their Response Times on a Device

The App Usage tab displays a summary of the most used applications on the device.

View the pattern of usage time for different applications during the predefined timeframe. Some applications are often used, while others are rarely used. View the trend of response time or wait time for different applications during the predefined timeframe. When it became high for a certain app. Correlate the high usage of CPU or memory from the bottom widgets to the spikes in response or wait time.

Select a row to isolate only one application for troubleshooting and correlate its data with the data on other widgets.


The article describes the default dashboard view as provided by Aternity. Administrator of Aternity in your organization can completely modify the view. If your view is different from the described below, contact your Administrator of Aternity for more information.


  1. Step 1 Open a browser and sign in to Aternity.
  2. Step 2 Use the search box in the top bar to quickly find a particular device.
    Finding a user, hostname, device, or application in Aternity

    You can enter a device hostname or IP address or enter the name of a dashboard.


    You can use spaces and other alphanumeric characters. This search is not case sensitive, so it will search for the text in any combination of upper and lower case characters. The search supports email addresses and @. The search does not support other wild cards (like *) or other forms of logic (and/or).

  3. Step 3 Select the Build Your Own tab.
    Select Build Your Own
  4. Step 4 Select the App Usage tab.
  5. Step 5 Adjust the time range within which you want to troubleshoot the device.
    To do so, drag the time blue gauge or only its right or left border. Alternatively, open the time picker and manually set the timeframe.
    Select the exact time period for your analysis

    You can also use the predefined buttons: Recent Week , Recent Day , Recent Hour , or Recent 15 min . To change the timeframe of the dashboard, use the timeline gauge on the top of the screen. The arrows on the time bar shift the time and blue gauge in a week or day or else, depending on the selected preset.

  6. Step 6 You can narrow the scope of the data displayed by selecting a certain row for further analysis. The view in other widgets will be filtered accordingly to show data only for the selected item.
  7. Step 7 To see which spike is which, hover over the legend to see the colored trend line.

    Select Back to return to the previous time range. If you have zoomed in multiple times, select Back as many times as necessary to return to the initial view.

  8. Step 8 (Optional) For further analysis, drill down into Aternity predefined dashboards from Applications or Activity cards any time.
    Mouse right-click on a particular application reveals a large set of relevant drill down options and allows you to drill down into other Aternity dashboards for deeper investigation.
    For further analysis, drill down into Aternity predefined dashboards