Aternity Insights into Employee Experience

Aternity proactively supplies you with Experience Insights from the collected data.

Aternity collects a very rich set of data from end-user devices across multiple customers. It also analyzes what happens in your account through looking at the whole account. Learn more about Aternity.

You can register and receive periodic emails with information about trends and shifts in your account to help drive better analysis and decision-making process. Alternatively, you can open the Main Menu > Insights > Aternity Experience Insights Front Page to analyze performance any time without waiting for periodic emails and to leverage actionable insights to drive better business outcomes.
We inform you about unusual shifts in usage trends in your organization

The project is in its early stage and we invite customers to join us as the design phase partners. Sign up to the Insights Digest. Customers who register will join the beta program and will receive insights emails periodically. Let us know what insights most interest you and if our new service is helpful to you. Your feedback is highly appreciated and will help us offer you critical insights into the employee's experience in your organization.

To register, do the following:
  1. Open a browser and sign in to Aternity.

  2. Select Main Menu > Insights > Aternity Experience Insights.

  3. Filter insights to limit the insights you want to see on the front page.

    Limit the amount of notifications on the page
    The links at the bottom of each insight also filter the page view.
    Filter the page view
    To cancel a filter, click X next to Filter.
    Cancel filtering
  4. Select how often you want to get emails: Weekly or Monthly.

  5. Select what insights to include in your email digest.

    Limit the amount of insights in the email digest
  6. Select Count Me In. You have now registered for the digest.

    Open Insights to register or unregister
  7. Any time after that, you can click Change Frequency and change the frequency of digests.

  8. You can always click Unsubscribe to stop the service.

    Change frequency or unsubscribe

Our digests include various insights from the collected and analyzed data that Aternity wants to bring to your attention, as well as issues that is not trivial to find. It is an alternative way to get data from Aternity: in addition to logging in to the console and analyzing dashboards by yourself, you can also consume information Aternity supplies thru periodical emails with insights.

For example, instead of analyzing UXI of every single application out of hundreds apps in your account, be informed about unusual changes in UXI of a certain application or be informed about application usage trend in case of an unusual change in its behavior.
Insight Description
Hours Between BSODs (blue screen of death) vs. Benchmark

The digest informs you how often the blue screen errors happen in your organization and if it's normal or not compared to other organizations.

UXI Trend

The digest informs you if the User Experience Index has been improving or declining in the past N days, and its trend (if it continues to raise or drop).

Bad Batteries Found

Now you know when it's time to replace the batteries in your organizational devices. Aternity will inform you in what devices you should consider replacing the batteries before these devices shut down suddenly. The digest helps reducing the harmful effects of using bad batteries.

Overloaded Devices

The Overloaded Devices Insight focuses on resource usage like CPU and Disk I/O (the number of waiting I/O requests to read or write to the hard disk or a logical disk at a given time).

Aternity informs you how many devices are overloaded out of the total amount of devices in your organization, as well as how your organization performs compared to other organizations. Awareness can reduce the disruptive impacts.

The Insight provides data for monitored devices, like Windows, Mac, Mobile, and virtual desktop devices.

Application Wait Time/Hang Time/Crashes Insights

The new Application Experience Insights (Application Wait Time / Application Hang Time / Application Crashes) provide objective measures of application stability and performance (crash rate, hang time %, and wait time %), compare your organization's application behavior to the rich set of devices and customer data that Aternity collects, and identify common denominators among applications experiencing issues (application version, OS version, device and other HW commonalities, and location). For example, you can see if problematic applications are all located in a single office or all running on a specific device model. This set of insights will also translate the application experience metrics into a measure of the potential productivity gains that can be realized if the issue is addressed. These new capabilities can help drive better analysis and decision making when handling problematic applications in your organization.

Devices with Low Stability Index

The insight informs organizations when they have devices that suffer from low Windows Stability Index, notifies them about how many such devices exist, and compares those devices rate to the industry average. Learn more.

Poor Network Latency Insight

The insight provides information about devices that suffered from poor Network Latency while working remotely. Poor latency means it is more than 250 ms during at least 2 hours a week (at least 5% of the time the devices were turned on). High latency has a large impact on device performance and a negative effect on user experience.

Use the dashboard from the library for the analysis (Devices With Poor Network Latency). You can view latency in different business locations and its trend over time.

Hard Disk Drive Insights

How to prevent Hard Disk Drive failures with Aternity? The set of actionable insights (15 in total) provides information about common hard drive errors. You can know in advance worst hard drive problems in your organization and repair them before actual damage occurs, prevent failures and data loss.

Click on the insight title to drill-down to the Analyze Device Health dashboard. The analysis covers three groups of devices: virtual application servers, VDIs, and physical devices (laptops and desktops). The system checks HD Failures, Bad HD S.M.A.R.T. Status, HD Bad Blocks, Corrupted File system, and Low Disk Space.

Take preventive actions: free up disk space, defragment your drives, change disk, and more.

Digital Experience Index Insights (DXI Insights)
Aternity proactively informs you about digital experience hot spots across your enterprise. DXI Insights highlight the most impactful items:
  • DXI Worst Scores

  • DXI Trends (Areas getting worse and Areas getting better)

  • DXI Opportunities for improvement

  • Business Impact

This initiative is a complimentary offering to our valued customers and does not replace system alerts or analyzing dashboards. We invite you to subscribe for email digests and read about interesting facts about your Aternity account instead of searching for this information by yourself.