View the details of an Incident (Incident Impact / End Point Status)

Incident Impact displays the live details of a single incident, including its timeline as it evolves, and the details of the status of this activity on each device in the group.

An incident is a call to action, where too many devices in a group have recently started suffering poor performance on the same activity, indicating it is a widespread problem. Since the system automatically creates incidents, you can be proactive to troubleshoot issues even before end users contact you with a problem report.

An incident for an activity indicates several devices in a group are responding slowly

The details of an incident include:

  • The timeline of the incident, detailing its evolution until this now.

  • The distribution of activity statuses across the group of devices.

  • The number of impacted devices at each business location.

  • The details of the activity status for each device in the group, and when the problem started to manifest.

Incident Impact shows the details of a single incident

You can edit the properties of an activity to configure the proportion of suffering devices which would trigger an incident flag, and to configure the email address to automatically send alert notifications.


  1. Step 1 Open a browser and log in to Aternity.
  2. Step 2 Select Main Menu > Monitor > Incidents.
  3. Step 3 Select a single incident to display the Incident Impact dashboard.
  4. Step 4 View the incident timeline to examine the evolution of the incident, including the times when the system:
    • Opened the incident.

    • Changed the overall status of the incident.

    • The distribution of activity statuses at different times during the incident's life.

    View the incident evolution, its distribution of activity statuses, and their effect on the overall status

    You can view the numbers which make the graph at any time point by hovering your mouse over the graph.

  5. Step 5 View the live distribution of activity statuses at this time in the pie chart.
  6. Step 6 View the details of each device in the group in the lower section of the screen.

    Select + to view the timeline of activity statuses for this specific device.

    View the details of the activities of a single device in the group